iemAI - IEM Embedded Multichannel Audio Interface

Multichannel Audio Interfaces for iemKit -> split and moved now to AAMA, AAS and IEMAO

The target are configurable good quality multichannel audio in interfaces for embedded devices, especially the iemKit boards.

Was splitted in project IEMAO, out16, mic16, mic8 used for AAMA and AAS


For various projects e.g.: Ethernet driven panel-speaker, stomp-boxes, sound Installations, good quality multichannel audio interfaces are needed. Since used for prototypes or installation low-cost and open hardware is essential for use with (low cost) embedded linux boards, mostly based on ARM Microcomputer. As an interface to the embedded boards, the internal buses like I2S, I2C and SPI are used to directly connect AD- and/or DA-Chips.

Work to do

  • investigation on existing solutions, ICs and measurements on them
  • prototypic development of audio-hardware
  • audio driver for linux OS-System on embedded boards, if not already existent
  • prototyping on embedded controller like Olinuxino A10 or A20, ...

Self-made Escher 8 channel high quality Mic preamp with phantom-power

This project explores an open embedded platform as Ethernet Audio-interface running a Linux OS-System hosting multichannel audio-interfaces.

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