iemAO - IEM Embedded Multichannel Audio Outs

multichannel audio outs for iemKit

The target are configurable good quality multichannel audio-interfaces for embedded devices.

For various project e.g.: Ethernet driven panel-speaker, stomp-boxes, sound Installations, good quality multichannel audio interfaces are needed. Since used for prototypes or sound installations, low-cost and open source hardware for use with embedded Linux boards, mostly based on ARM Microcomputer, are important criteria. As interface to the embedded boards, the onboard serial bus I2S can be used to directly connect AD- and/or DA-Chips.

Existing multichannel audio out interfaces should be explored, a common set of measurement procedures should be developed to allow an comparison in quality and from this experiences a affordable open source hardware multichannel DA-board should be prototyped and evaluated.

As a first approach the CTAG2|4 interface is used, which we thankfully provided by Creative Technologies AG der FH-Kiel and 2 boards soldered.

Work to do

  • investigation on existing solutions
  • Develop a measurement procedures with scripts (numpy, scipy,...) for comparision.
  • prototypic development of audio-hardware
  • optional audio driver for linux OS-System on embedded boards, if not already existent
  • prototyping on embedded controller like beaglebone (black/green), boards with A20, A64 processers.

This project explores an open embedded platform as Ethernet Audio-interface running a Linux OS-System hosting multichannel audio-interfaces.

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