iemKit - IEM Embedded Music Kit

iemKit is a collection of affordable open source hardware modules and boards that form a Kit for prototyping embedded musical instrument, sound installation, audio hardware, controller and sensor interfaces to generate experimental open source hardware for research and education purposes.
iemKit Base iemKit Base

The base kit has been an A20 OLinuXino as a first platform for a realtime linux distribution dedicated to networked audio processing and sensors where audio modules can be attached. A further development now uses Beaglebone Green and also the compatible AM3359-SOM-EVB-IND from Olimex is targeted.

hamp - headphone amplifer mountable on a portable hamp - headphone amplifer  mountable on a portable

or previous named "ampHP" is an audiophile quality headphone amplifier driven by a on board dac over I2S/TDM or by an analog line signal, dedicated but not only to DIY fieldrecorders to be combined with headtracker and WIFI-devices. hamp can be powerd by a single power source over 3V or 5V for battery powered devices and is based on the Chip SSM3622 from Analog Devices.

mic16 mic16

is a small 16 channel audio input interface as cape/module for the I2S/TDM bus on embedded devices such as beaglebones, to interface and manage microphone arrays with on chip electret microphone preamplifiers. Therefore modern AD-ICs are used.

out16 out16

Audio Interface with 16 out channels as a small module to be used in embedded systems via serial audio interaces known as I2S/TDM, supoorting devices such as a beaglebone. A good signal quality is also a must for integrating in harsh environments, as using running with simple power supply from the embedded board.