AAS - Autonomous Amplifier System

Embedded Linux System for wireless playing and controlling solar-powered "pure-speaker"s systems.

AAS is a collection of information and tools to build autonomous systems with DIY audio speaker. This project is derived and supersede "AlgoPlayer" at Ateleier Algorythmics before it moved to IEM and AAS.

With the use of embedded system, digital signal processing, sensoring of environment and controlling autonomous power supply via batteries, solar panels and others can be combined as also network for audio interfacing, whereby several technologies in this aera are explored.


  • mp3-player from mp3-screamer 2003
  • audioplayer with dspPIC processor for Audio Over OSC (only prototyped) 2012
  • pd-player for the sounddome with A10 Olimex Lime and USB Audio boards, worked 2013
  • algo-pdplayer series was produced with Dominik Schmidt-Phillip at Atelier Algorythmics, 2015
  • iemkit-domeplayer
  • pure_speaker solar-amplifier-wireless