DIY Acoustic FeedBacker

affordable DIY feedbacker for learning electronics and hacking circuits for Makers

The overall goal is to experiment with microphones, amplifiers and speakers as acoustic feedbackers to bake your own instrument.

This is accomplished by building an affordable expandable DIY amplifier circuit with individual flair, where affordable means: low-budget, easy to build in a short time. Expandable means creating an experimental instrument where electronic and acoustic elements can be added to the signal path for special artwork.


There are a variety of feedback circuits, some of them DIY. The main goal of being affordable should be in harmony with simplicity. To this end, it is necessary to explore and explain a feed-backer as an instrument, and intuitively grasp how it works. For this it is necessary to understand the basics of the electronics used for it in essence, and not so much the detailed construction of a concert instrument, but it should be a starting point for further experimental music making.

Mission statement:
 explore the endless vastness in electro-acoustic spaces.


Information about Feedbacker and solutions can be found in the 'doku' folder.


Incarnations are named instantiations of all or part of a feedbacker based on this DIY acoustic feedbacker, realized in a particular flavor and/or for a particular purpose.

see folder 'Incarnations' in the Git Project for newer information

Some references are in the doc, see copyrights there on material.

[IEM]Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics, University of Arts Graz see
Author:Winfried Ritsch
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