Workshop Liveelektronik: Brice Pauset's Anima Mundi by Klangforum at the Mumuth with Peter Böhm

5 groups of musicians distributed in Mumuth has to be amplified on a scene to scene base and processed via Liveelectronics. The workshop will set up the piece and train the live amplifications, using with more than 50 microphones to be handled on 5 stages and sent to the Mumuth Ambisonics space and discrete speaker. The workshop will be guided by Peter Böhm, who has already performed the live amplification of this piece in previous concerts.

After Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Paris Anima Mundi, Brice Pauset's 3rd Symphony, will be performed at the Mumuth.

Klangforum Wien will play the piece with and within the workshop the live interpretation of the adapted Liveelectronic Patches by Olivier Pasquet, computer music designer, is performed. Dense and complex written live electronics for complex music: each note from all of the 23 instruments is spacialized and transformed. A new original perceptive spatialisation system is beeing used. The electronics and instrumental writing give something theatric in the music.


Workshop 5 days in Mumuth for students of the Art University Graz, especially sound Engineers is guided by Peter Böhm . You have the possibility to work with the LAWO console and Mumth speaker system, take part in the live mixing at rehearsals and concert. The complex setup will be explained and trained.

date:3.3.2011 - 7.3.2012
place:Mumuth Graz
limit:6 students
deadline:20.1.2012 - 10h


The composer himself will be present from 5.3.-7.3. !