Kunst und Neue Medien Seminar - SE/VU

Es soll der Begriff Kunst in Neuen Medien erörtert und anhand von Beispielen als Seminararbeit dargestellt werden. Insbesondere sollte dabei auf die Möglichkeiten und Probleme Kunstprojekten im Zusammenhang mit Neuen Medien eingegangen werden.


The "Blockchained Soundworld"

Rethinking the vision of "The House of Sounds" (THS) with today's technologies and Internet possibilities using blockchains and wallets.

Vision of THS

Sound objects are hosted by computers on data networks. These sound objects are uniques, age, migrate from one host to another, form groups, multiply, or die, becoming ”sound lives” hosted in a particular place at a particular time. They can move within this network, migrating from one host to another using a ”map of known world”. Operators and users of a host can listen to them as a soundscape using The House of Sounds application, which provides an auditory window to this virtual soundscape. Since the habitat for their survival is a network of hosts, SoundLives takes place on the network. SoundLives are rendered as micro-compositions first in a virtual acoustic world and can then be heard within an auditory virtual environment (AVE) in the real world. An overview of the artistic art project is shown here. In order to use the artistic potential of the internet as cyberspace for these autonomous sound objects, it was extended with own internet protocols. Towards the 3rd generation of ”SoundLives”, decentralized blockchain technologies are envisioned, implementing true peer-to-peer transactions, aiming at data democracy instead of data monarchy, forming a distributed algorithmic composition, a habitat for unique SoundLives.

Seminar Themes

Blockchains in art, NFTs vs Stream of coins, Artwork with blockchains.


Informationen zur Vorlesung

Ablauf und Termine werden im KUG online verwaltet

In der Vorbesprechung werden nach Rücksprache die Termine geklärt.