Musikinformatik Seminar

This semesters focus: "after the breakthrough of the Maker Scene using Microcontrollers and embedded system for Computermusic and Ambient Art" - After the development of tools for easily handling DIY-hardware like Ardduino, PlattformIO or other IDEs in signal processing and musical computing. making Ambisonics Microphone arrays, interfaces, implementing new algorithms and concepts for auditory virtual environments (AVE) a lot of application can thought of. From binaural tracked headphone monitoring in the field, recording with tracked microphones to autonomous stream boxes of environmental sound for "Ambient Art".
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Entwurf und Implementierung von Signal verarbeitender Software und/oder Hardware in der Computermusik - Freie Themenwahl: Der Schwerpunkt in diesem Sommersemester ist der Einsatz von Microcontroller wie den ESP32 für audio devices wie Ambisonics field recorder, autonomous sound systems and streaming. Environmental Sensor boxes mit "Embedded devices".