ICE - IEM Computermusic Ensemble

The IEM Computermusic Ensemble (ICE) is a group of electronic musician, specialized playing with computermusic instruments, such as interactive, augmented hyper-instruments or simulations of real instruments. The target is to play contemporary music, adapted or written for computermusic ensembles, but also interpretation of historical ensemble music with virtual instruments. ICE is focused to play with a spatial audio system, especially Ambisonics or wave-field systems, where they are rendered within small or large concert halls and also open environments.

ICE (2011- 2014)

First public Ambisonics concert has been at "porgy and bess" on 9.9.2011, playing "fields", a series of composition dealing with field recordings in a 2 ring Ambisonics space.

Ensemble ICE at porgy and bess 2011

The ICE Vision

Structure of ICE

The IEM Computermusic Ensemble ICE, has the aim to be an ensemble with computer musicians and an real or virtual conductor, playing their computer over different interfaces and network in an electro-acoustic concert hall. Therefore they play with a speaker system, which is an abstract rendering engine in 3D-Sound. This could be an Ambisonics speaker systems with is adapted for the actual performance room or any other 2D or 3D rendering engine. Each musician use the whole speaker system individual as musician. They are not depended on unified hardware, but on unified transmission protocols in audio and control data over a high speed network. They can speak with each other over data network. Also the focus is a fast setup, doing all the audio and control data transmission over defined protocols and streaming formats, to feed the abstract spatialization engine, being controlled by the conductor or with an override possibility for a virtual conductor. ICE is planed as an ensemble for 8-21 musician, since an orchestra would be to big, but each musician can play many instruments or an instrument group and can simulate an orchestra.

Tetra Orchestra (2015)

As a further development of the IEM-Computermusic-Ensemble, a small computer music orchestra with tetrahedron loudspeakers should be formed. The individual musicians should play virtual instruments networked with one or more locally located and distributed tetrahedron loudspeakers. The goal is to develop the instruments in such a way that an outdoor concert is possible in terms of volume and portability.

LocalSpeaker Ensemble (2016+)

Playing wireless in front of a bulk of speakers, as celebration. The concert as musical fireplace.

ARISE - Algorithmic Robotic Instruments in Spatial Environments (2022+)

As a further development playing with many local speakers we formed the group "ARISE"

Mission Statement

We are a group of instrument makers playing in distributed and networked spatial environments and we call ourselves "ARISE" and play the work "Arising ...".

We build electronic instruments and sound art devices for mesh networks and play distributed primarily in gallery spaces to create a shared sound space.

Each ARISE instrument is autonomous and equipped with individual loudspeakers. and the stations are networked via WLAN. ARISE thus forms a network of instruments that, together with this speaker network, spans a sound space.


A concert for 7 musicians with IEMberry, sensors and loudspeakers.