supplementary material for demo lecture in Helsinki
using hrtfs - slides for lecture

Slides with large images for projection for the example lecture "Using HRTFs for Virtual Source Positioning", Franz Zotter, Helsinki 2018; updated 2020.


example real-time signal processing in PureData to process mono signals with Franz's or KU100 HRTFs


Matlab code for the analytic physical sphere diffraction, its simplistic model "sph_head_model.m", the file "plot_HRIRs_and_HRTFs.m" for plotting KU100 dummy head HRIRs and HRTFs including all data, Franz's HRIRs/HRTFs from ARI in Vienna (Thanks to Michael Mihocic and Piotr Majdak), for writing the input matrices for Pd, and the file "test_psypan.m" for analyzing what psypan does.