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Katharina Vogt

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kv photo Katharina Vogt
Institut für elektronische Musik und Akustik
Inffeldgasse 10/3, 8010 Graz, Austria
vogt AT
  Education 2005-2010 — Inter-universitary PhD studies at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics, University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz, and the Institute for Physics, University of Graz (Thesis: Sonification of Simulations in Computational Physics [8MB])
1997-2005 — Studies of Environmental and System Sciences at the University of Graz (Umweltsystemwissenschaften), major: physics. (Minor subjects: Meteorology, Ecological Economy, System Sciences and Languages).
2000-2001 — Exchange term at the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6, parts of the course License de Physique.
1997 — School leaving examination with distinction at Bundesgymnasium Pestalozzi, Graz
  ResearchProjects 2012 - now — Researcher within the interdisciplinary project "SysSon - A systematic procedure to develop sonifications"
2008-2010 — Researcher within the interdisciplinary project "QCD-Audio"
2009 — 3-months research visit at CERN (Offline Department of ALICE experiment)
2005-2007 — Participating in the Interdisciplinary Research Project “SonEnvir”
2003-2004 — Freelancer at the “Sustainable Europe Research Institute” (SERI), Vienna
  Publications 2011
Vogt K., A quantitative evaluation approach to sonifications, Proc. of the ICAD 2011.
Vogt K., R. Höldrich,
 A metaphoric sonification method - towards the acoustic standard model of particle physics,
 Proc. of the ICAD 2010. ( >pdf)
K. Vogt, R. Höldrich, D. Pirrò, M. Rumori, S. Rossegger, W. Riegler, M. Tadel,
 A sonic time projection chamber, Sonified particle detection at CERN, 
 Proc. of the ICAD 2010.( >pdf)
Vogt K., R. Höldrich, D. Pirrò, C. Gattringer,
 Spin quartets, sonification of the XY model, 
Proc. of the ICAD 2010. [This poster won the best-poster award at ICAD 2010!] ( >pdf)
Vogt K., Pirrò D., Kobenz I., Höldrich R., Eckel G. Physiosonic - Movement Sonification as Auditory Feedback, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Auditory Display, Copenhagen, Denmark May 18 - 22, 2009.
Katharina Vogt, Sonification in computational physics - QCD-audio, In: M. M. Marin, M. Knoche, & R. Parncutt (Eds.)Proceedings of the first International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus08) Graz, Austria, 14-15 November 2008.( >pdf)
Katharina Vogt, Till Bovermann, Philipp Huber, Alberto de Campo, Exploration of 4D-Data Spaces. Sonification in Lattice QCD, Proceedings of the ICAD 2008, Paris, June 2008.
Katharina Vogt, Sonification and particle physics, In: Erstausgabe, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, 2008. ( >pdf)
K. Vogt, A. de Campo, G. Eckel, An Introduction to Sonification and its Applications in Theoretical Physics, in Proc. of the AAA - Alps Adria Acoustics, Graz, 2007.
K. Vogt, A. de Campo, G. Eckel, C. Frauenberger, W. Plessas, Sonification of spin models. Listening to phase transitions in the Ising and Potts model, in Proc. of the ICAD, 13th International Conference on Auditory Display, Montreal, Canada, 2007.
A. de Campo, Ch. Dayé, Ch. Frauenberger, K. Vogt, A. Wallisch, G. Eckel, Sonification as an interdisciplinary working process, in Proc. of the ICAD, 12th International Conference on Auditory Display, London, UK, 2006.
A. de Campo, N. Hörmann, H. Markum, W. Plessas, K. Vogt, Sonification of lattice data: Dirac spectrum and monopole condensation along the deconfinement transition, Miniconference in honor of Adriano Di Giacomo on the Sense of Beauty in Physics, Pisa, Italy, 2006.
A. de Campo, N. Hörmann, H. Markum, W. Plessas, K. Vogt, Sonification of Monopoles and Chaos in QCD, in Proc. of the 13rd International Conference on High Energy Physics, Moscow, Russia, 2006.

  Music Violist. Member of the String syndicate.